Older lyrics and poems

not all of my songs : these are the songs on my mind these days

New site editor’s note:

I have been embracing some of my older work. I really thought it was horrible. Recently, I have reevaluated the substance and the impact of it and I like it more. I am so thankful for my supportive fan/friend/allie base. I really love all of you and I am going to try to be more accessible for collaboration. I am trying to remember older lyrics that I have written so that they are not gone forever.
All of these pieces were written between 1990-2009. I am still working
On some of them. Some of them have been finished for a while

These four walls are
Two small for 3
You are sorry
And I am sorry
Closed windows (written in 1998 and published in 1999)
Friendly foes
Rage high
Rage low
the wind blows
Night into day
Time goes
The path you chose
The mirror glows
A reflection to oppose
Who I am
And who I want to be
What they want to see
Religion and tv
And everything in between
Everything green
Destroying scenes
An end and it’s means
Maybe and please
Material things
Human kings
Mangling and destroying
Adoring soaring
Ignoring knowing
Society growing
Damage showing
Path choosing
Trail blazing
Night is to dark for star gazing
Lines rearranging
Realities changing
Just different caging
Desensitized fazing
Computerized amazing
Dehumanized engaging


Thorn in yer side

I do not want to be the thorn in yer side
Put me down gently
And these feelings will subside

You know
One good bullet
Would transform your
And one good bullet
Would transform your
And aren’t I
a pretty target?
Here as I walk down the street
It is hard to shoot a moving object
Maybe we will speak next time we meet


Urban sprawl
Crawl, baby, crawl
Take yer confederate flag
Down off the wall

Cow song ( first verse, fragment)

All the cows
In cayucos bay
Went hitchhiking
In the summer time


You have your entourage
You know that I have mine
You can call my manager
Maybe we can spend some time

Is better
Than nothing
And something
is what I got



in our residence,
there is more to amend
you have the bar to tend
for all your moody junkie friends
run run for president
you mean the words you meant
they will raid the house again
I have been laying low
close to the ground
you know
but it is frozen though
wait until spring
and then you sow
something is bound
to grow


Habeas corpus

I have a body
I have a body

Come and see

Whiskey ’99
I like drinking whiskey every night
And everyday
I like drinking whiskey after a roll
In the hay
I like drinking whiskey with my bare feet
in the desert clay
I like to drink whiskey in an airplane
I like to drink whiskey in the rain
I like drinking whiskey in a boat
And I like drinking whiskey with a goat
I like drinking whiskey with a toke
I like to drink whiskey in my winter coat
I love to drink with the anti-dote

I like drinking whiskey in a cup
I like drinking whiskey with a duck
And I like drinking whiskey
when I am down on my luck

Crack baby
Crack baby
Don’t cry
The tsunami
Will come and blow you away
Don’t cry it will be alright
Body bag song:

Maybe you want
That is alright
But I already have a man
His body fits
In my bag
And we do not ever argue
The way that we use to
His body fits in my bag
And he never talks back to me
The way that he use to
His body
Fits in the bag
He won’t ever make a mess
The way that he use to
His body fits In the bad
And I will never have to clean up after him
After him
His body fits in their bag
I know that he cares
He is with me where ever I go
His body fits in a bag
I already have a man
In the bag

——————————————- aaaaaaaaaaa
Break bone:

If you break
Bones in his body
You can take his picture
And hang it on the wall
And you will never forget
what he looks like
Because all I have to do
is look up
I am never afraid
of dead planets
And when they fall
Because I will take their pictures
and hang them on the wall
And i will never forget
what they look like
all I have to do
is look
the wall


Clouds never get in my way
No, no
Clouds never get In my way

Without tearing me apart
Parting with out
tearing me apart

Clouds never get in my way
I have a net



Let them eat rice
Let them eat rice

Some of our own
Mix it when we get there
O, when we get there
Let us grow rice
Sin peligrosa


Digging for gold: ( refrain: incomplete)

Look at me
I am
standing on my own
Here, I am not
for gold


Some of my ex’s
Have lived
in Montana
Give Anna
a banana
For all the subjects( monkies)
She experiments on
That we know about
She says
Grow up
And I throw up
I can



Watching color bars
And aligning satellites
Filtering people meters
I really have to run
because I have a carnivore on my tail
Find me a place to hide
He has got a retina scan
And he wants me to eat his snails?
Find me a safe place to hide

Wake me up
And put me back to sleep again
I can’t stand
Going up
and always coming back down again
Won’t stand

I can hear you laughing
Through the swinging
And I don’t want to go to war
I can hear you laughing
Through the swinging door
I don’ t want to be in this war


her Thailand
In the desert sand

it’s Tynsel
the back of his hand

I hate it when
They call me

Butterflies for the dancing girl

Whole in my pocket

When ever there is sex involved
It is not always a romance
Cut it up
Leave it to circumstance
Step up
Take a multi partisan stance
Pee yer pants

Ooo, kill me
And I will kill you back
Love me
And I will love you back

I have a whole
In my pants


He got busted for saying the planet an’t flat
Creation, longevity
I am waiting on a Boston bound train
In Beverly
Diesel an’t got no neck
O the chill of solitary
Something, something, symphony
Water is high
And water is for sale
Please prevent this travesty
Please prevent this travesty

I have been disrespecting a man
But you have to write allegedly
Throwing stones
The only hell I have ever known
is the one
control me
I know that you are drowning
And she has her makeup on
I would throw you a life line
But you are better off on your own


The way that you move: ( fragment )

The way that you move
You move so slow

1 8 6
Escape on the 7
It is not heaven
That is bright
O, that light

The way that you move
You move so slow
I stopped complaining about being cold

’14 remix:

Puse el dinero en el banco
Va, va, van
El banco el robo mi dinero
Va, va, van
Tome mi dinero del banco
Va, va, van

acid in his jar:

o, bo
let me go
o, so
please don’t make me into another ho
o, my
fuzy camel toe
settle down now
or they will put you
back in the hole

i have seen you walk’in
down on the street
looking for a fix
and you have learned to be discreet
it is hard to walk and write with out ripping, tripping
do not go out with your hair showing
if he has acid in his jar

acid, acid
in his jar
acid, acid
in his jar

it is
A car
it is hard
to smell
through this veil
here is my naked body
please be carful with the sale
tale. tail.

Rain song. (wrote this in the late 90s. This is a remix I am working on)

It was raining the day that I left you
It was raining the day
When I learned
that you died
It was raining the day
that I took to the ocean
And drown on the fear inside
As I lay
in a coffin
As I lay alone
I am resurrected
and I am again
flesh and bone

It is not new
It is used
A used black umbrella
Who has the right
to use
that black umbrella?

Turn it on
Turn it off
Make it stop
I want to get off

Turn it on
Turn it off
Make it stop

Evaluate the
Impact that you
when you
Used that

Turn it on
Turn it off
Make it stop
You wouldn’t like it
If she

Good woman song :

I am a good woman
I keep my man satisfied
Because I am his First Lady
And he never strays
And he never lies
Life is good
Life is long
He is the father of all my childeren
Together we are strong
We live in a big White House
Down by the sea side
When we are empty
We go inland for supplies

I am a good woman
I live inside
A roof over my head
I am happy with my brain washed mind
I live in a crowded neighborhood
And when I feel empty
I go to the supermarket for supplies

The middle of nothing is nowhere
And I sing a little song
When you are 1st
2nd is wrong
The polarized ice
Is melting
And we will move to the middle
when the seaside is gone

Swiftly does the river flow
Watching garden flowers grow
Underneath the infrared snow
I have a job to do
I am going to let my nanny
stay home
and sow



in your cubical
i can hear you hum your tune
handed down baby
here is your plastic spoon
a deflated red balloon
Here are more soldiers
For the plann toon
electric car it runs on the moon
i am down on the beach

waiting for the monsoon

du du du  doom
kakaka boom

in a trailer
in the desert
i found my batteries
vivid waking dreams
more lucid than memorie
something, somthing, serenity

i am moving up town
i am moving all around


he wants white pussy
so he can have white babies
aren’t i so pretty
up close


pusher in a cage

he is just anothr pusher in a cage
he is just another pusher in a cage

night over day
work for an honest wage
nine to five is so hard to obey
i know i should have stayed
but maybe you wouldn’t have wanted me that way
you know
i would rather be naked
than sombodie elses maid
fade away
i am still awake
i am still afraid

he is just another pusher in a cage
he is just another pusher in a cage
i know that he will get out some other day


pickers pallet

if you need me
i will be
picking strawberries
until three

you need me
because i am still picking strawberries
and i would rather be free

Prisoners of war
Are not hungry any more
Walk on down the line
I am rev’in them up
When they have been dulled down
Do tell me about being confined
Hold down your line
A sailor takes to a lime

You must still need me


a train

come ride the A train babe
i am going to catch a plane
before the rain takes the train
only you can save yourself
why won’t you save yourself?

a is only local bound
e is open all the way down
i am going to catch a plane
out of town
some of these people,
i do not want to watch then drown
the market has not crashed all the way down
the market comes crashing down


feed the feds ( remixed sort of)

i am not gonna
turn on the light
i do not want them
to see me tonight
i am so tired
i do not want to fight
i am not going to put the batterie
in the phone
then they will know that i am already home
i know that they saw me leave on my own
the phone it self is a mechanism to signal a drone
they have a chip for my skull
and i am out looking for bones

my mail has already been read
they can’t tap the things
you never said
they don’t want you
if you won’t be lead
pick a song
and feed the feds
pick a song
and feed until you are fed

Solider song

read in the paper every other day
somebody elses soilger died
that same old fashion way
today an’t no different day
it is just that today
i knew one of those soilgers names

small town tells you that
you are brave
and sends you on out to
kill and die in vain
it is just like playing another game
they tell you
not to be afraid
your children have arms and legs
Our childern have arms and legs

love is high

fry fry fry
o my
it an’t all mine
fry fry fry
it an’t all always right to think all the time

o the thought of love
make me so high
o you know that i tried
i just can not deny it
love it is so high
love is so high

blue collar orders
o to fly
somebody elses diamonds through the sky
diamonds are heavy in pockets
and i want to fly higher

love it is so high
love is high

my mind is mine
let them out of the mines
Lead them into their minds


Glue song ( inspired by putting the damage on by t.amos)

It comes from horses hooves
I am trying to leave the room
But it is stuck to my shoes
I wish that the FBI
Would give up on me
As easily as you

traffic song

i am late for work again
amend, send, fend, friend , lend
i am late for work
hum, hum, hum
being strung

i am just, stuck in traffic
i am just stuck in traffic
hum hum hum
being strung
i am down on my thumbs
he got sum

she just a being traffc ed,
she is just a being
traffic d

hum, hum
how cum?

I know you like to travel
I heard that you get around
You know how to pack them in
You know how to please a crowd
Gonna spend the night
And then leave town

In the morning
When you are gone
I am going to clean up after you
And I am not proud
Scrub until
I see my face in the fawset
and then scub
The basin
I am not sure what I was expecting
I am no longer
Losing it
While carrying
a vacuum
Up the stairs
The other side
Of someone else’s

Where ever you wander
Where ever you roam
Some other woman will clean up after you
Different decade
Same afFair


Pimp song :

my body is mine
and so in my mind
i am on fire
but i feel fine

and i do not need
a pimp in my life
for my life i am willing to fight

i got alot of baggage from the past
you an’t the first to ask
and you wont be the last
you just lookin for some fast fast cash

i don’t need a pimp in my life
and for my life i am willing to fight

there an’t no right
there an’t no wrong
boy, you best b happy that you have your own song

i do not need a pimp in my life
for my life i am willing to fight

own or be owned
i would rather be stoned
boy you should know that i am never alone

i do not need a pimp in my life
for my life i am willing to fight

i do not need to be  a freak
and i do not need a toy
just because
i call him that
does not make him a little boy.


I take my cocain in with my gmo’s
I can feel my gmo’s
In my diabetic toes
Steal the land
Clone a seed
Watch them grow
Send them on out to sew
Send the slaves out to sew
I am a liberal slave holder in my pants
I am a liberal slave holder
By my American trade


Dimerized you

they want mind control
and propaganda
an’t working
oo the way
that it use to
i have a dimerized
of myself on a pedal stool
tear out my eyes
and i will never look
back at you


Chelsea :

It’s the canal
Beyond the mouth of the harbor
See the ships
Come off the atlantic
From Africa
Sickle cells
Sucking dark Nipple
Spanish bastards
Bright light
Pink sky
Do not light the match
I am standing here
With my
I guess that’s what
Boston harbor smells like


Vicarious combustion

vicarious combustion
you can lie in his grave and hold his hand
but you are a living man
i i called to tell you
that you are not a machine
you are the real thing
vicarious combustion

and i hope for resolution


Butane blues:

I an’t got no matches
I got the butane blues
I ain’t got not matches
I won’t lite no fuse

I see you over there
You are both a boy and a girl
You have interesting shoes


I an ‘t got not laces
Cuz I an’t got no shoes
Running water


One punch
I will knock your lights out
One punch you are on the floor

One punch
You could knock my lights out
One punch I am on the floor
Mm,golden gold
An interesting groove



you are nothing but a machine

i created you

you belong to me


It is getting kind of hectic
I thought I heard you complain
I have 7 of them
Trying to give me a name
I am making money, I am sane
I won’t ever rise above the poverty level
Playing stright in the game
Hustle, I won’t be a white mans maid
He could put me away
Naked, fair trade

I don’ t want you as a warden
I want you as a friend
I don’t need another father
This ain’t your land to defend
I do not like the way it started
3/5, 7/10, 1/2 is hard to amend

They tried to kill me but I am not ready to die


Ice cream parlor :

And ‘S gun
and my daddies blue collar
You never get drunk in an ice cream parlor
Prostituting yourself for a dollar
The comical value
Of a revolver
It is enough to
Drive you crazy
An alcoholic in the navy
He has a razor
But it is not to shave me
Every single
Needs to feed
All over your
Blue collar

You never get drunk in a nice cream parlor

They can read our
As we walk through the mall
Every one
on my side
Is mad at me
And I do not know who to call

if you do not want to go
into the mall
you can wait in the truck
i am crawling out of a paper cup
they fould her remains in vacant lot
before the mini mart
twilite fading dark
she says that she wants her body back
he says here is a body bag
i think he should just shoot blanks
you do not have to fall apart
you know travel an’t that hard
if i can keep my close on
long enough
i can talk to you
standing up


de sexualizing you in my mind
so i do not have to think about you all the time
it is not mine
you are not mine
Nada es nada
y nada es
i do not want to own anything
i can not stand the neediness that all my things bring
and i will never need a diamond ring
i just want him to stop yelling at me
i want him to sing

re humanize me in your mind
so i do no have to feel like i am living on borrowed time
objects are so hard to define
let go of your anger
it is love that you will find

de classify alleged war crimes
put them on trial and let the people deside
some times i tell the truth and some times i lie
some day,
there will not be any walls left to hide behind

dismantle the fbi
i can not stand them prying into my private life
phycological warfare cuts deeper than a knife
i just want to tell you
that i appreciate you by my side


Take it from the ground and put it a bottle
Like it fell out of the sky
Put it a bottle
Like it fell out of the sky
Ooo the sky won’t mind
O, degradation makes
the sky cry
If it falls on my land
It should be mine
Another mans hand
draws the line
If it suits me
I don’t mind


there is nothing left
but a tent
in a parking lot
bodies strewn
some of them
have begun to rot
mass morgue
department store
sit and wait
for the refrigerator car

it is easy to be lonly
when half the city is dead
plastic bikini and the acid is all red
i can feel the bodies
they are falling on my head lord
the acid is all red lord
i can feel
the bodies and they are falling on my head
the acid is all red


nuclear winter:
o to work
o to read
o to drive
my pants were made by slaves
i am so happy to be alive
the alley is so wide

the back side of the hill
is blanketd in nuclear winter
sight is so clear
are you still here?
are you already gone?
where is it that you are going with that blonde girl

mayb i can come along


I can drive all night in a stright line
Stay, baby, stay
Here is my plastic card
With my American name
You know to be polite
Or he will put you away
I am not speeding
I bought the jeep after cleaning
If you were dreaming
I set an alarm
All the horsies live on a farm
The house is smaller than the barn

——————————————————————————————————————-Blacksburg prison:

Everything in Blacksburg prison
Is a gas
SHe is recovering from her implants
Those funny lines drawn
It is his job to keep the Arian brothers away from farr I can
in Blacksburg prison,
You do not have to worry
about the sisters
Because everybody knows
That size has no matter
Size over density
Is a variable
Size over density
Divided by

Lethal injection

Most of those
Prison guards
Have dogs of their own

Count backward

He,mum hey
Count backward from 100

Give him an inch
And he will take it all
Give it to him all
and he will leave it cold

I have a widow my pocket
And the baby shit his diaper
Ain’t it funny the things that are disposable
Ain’t it scary the things that are

Hey um hey
There are more dollars In The deficit
Than the earth has years
There are more dollars in the deficit
Than our entire gallexcy has years

Count backward

Someone bring me a blanket
It has gotten cold
Save andromeda

I keep begging you to save me
But then you tell me to save myself
I keep begging you to save me
But I have to save myself
We should save ourselves

Count backward

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