Professionally, I am a model. I also consider myself a political activist. I have worked on numerous political campaigns during my adult life. There are literally thousands ( or more) of nude pictures of me all over the world. I do not believe that other people’s portraits of me should define or harm any candidate or organization that I am involved with.

I put my writing out here as a resource. Over the years, I have seen many scenes and heard many songs with lines of mine woven inside of them. I have not asked for much in return. I would like you to consider my family and I if you draw inspiration from us. Inspiration is a renewable resource and it is hard to put a dollar amount on. Please think about your message.
For many years I have not given any press interviews and I have avoided contact with major media outlets. I ended this silence recently and I now feel less inhibited. People familiar with my work often seek me out. I do not have a problem with this but I prefer that you speak with me. As a professional model, it does bother me when people photograph me on the street without permission. I do not mind, just ask first. If you are a celebrity and you seek me out, I might not understand your purpose unless you are able to articulate it. I often feel trapped between northern and southern cultures on the east coast. In the south, people say hello and try to act polite. In Cambridge, ma people that have known you for years will walk right by you and pretend like they can not see you. If you do not interact with me, I might just assume you want to be left alone and I will try to respect your space. If you want to speak with me, please call or send me a letter or email. I would like to hear from you. I prefer to arraigned a meeting rather than arranging a surprising meeting. I  do not like surprises, that much. I realize that if you tried to contact me early in my career, I was almost completely unavailable . This is something I am working on changing.i hope no one feels like I am ripping them off . If you do let me know.

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